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Tii Technologies delivers innovative fiber and copper solutions to meet the most demanding requirements and changing needs of the communications industry. Tii is positioned to provide world class, product development and quick turnaround manufacturing for a wide range of network solutions engineered to ensure performance, safety and reliability.



Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDH Series) are a weatherproof family of metal enclosures for outdoor use that can be pole, wall or pad mounted. The FDH is configured as a high density modular cassette PON solution for customer service drops. Its flexible design and available options support a wide range of deployment styles including fusion splicing, field termination, and are backwards compatible to multiple suppliers’ PLC splitter modules. https://www.tiitech.com/pdfs/FDHsummary.pdf

Hybrid Connectivity Closures (HCC Series) are a weatherproof family of plastic enclosures for indoor and outdoor use which can be wall or pole mounted. The HCCH-SC is configured as a high density modular cassette FDH PON solution for customer service drops. Its flexible design and available options support a wide range of deployment styles including fusion splicing, field termination, and are backwards compatible to multiple suppliers’ PLC splitter modules.

FMC Series Flush Mounted Closures provide ease of installation and efficient organization of ONTs, battery back-up and residential gateways. Its modular design with rear and door mounting patterns give wide latitude for hardware locations with ample ventilation to keep equipment cool. A 180 degree hinged cover allows for quick and easy access to network equipment and can be mounted in multiple locations by means of Velcro® straps, shelving support clips and other cable management components available in an optional accessory kit.

Tii’s MicroDrop Series cable is an indoor/outdoor rugged fiber optic service cable with a jacket easily peel-able to expose a clear 900um sub unit; almost invisible when routing indoors. A factory terminated MicroDrop cable transitions from an OSP demarcation point to seamlessly terminate near the required customer ONT, all while offering the best signal quality and least visual impact to the premise.

Tii’s 506F Series fiber interface device/slack Storage units are compact enclosures which provide demarcation between the OSP fiber drop and customer fiber drop, as well as slack storage for up to 50ft. of drop fiber. The 506F is configurable for up to twelve fiber adapters.

CCP Series Customer Connection Point Wall Terminals are compact, indoor wall mount fiber termination and distribution terminals. These units are typically used in FTTD, FTTH and MDU ONT access points.

The 508F Series Fiber Interface Device/Slack Storage is a compact unit featuring connectivity between the 1-12F OSP fiber drop and customer fibers, as well as slack storage for up to 50 feet of OSP drop cable. The unit contains intuitive internal fiber management features and utilizes an o-ring door seal resistant to water ingress. This weatherproof design is ideally suited for outdoor pole or wall mount installations.

FET Fiber Entrance Terminal Series indoor/outdoor optical demarcation enclosures are designed for wall or pole mounting. Made of weather resistant thermal plastic, they offer a small form factor for FTTH, FTTB and MDU drops. These enclosures can be used for patch only or patch and splice configurations.

The OC-ONT is a NEMA 4X rated outdoor cabinet designed to protect sensitive equipment providing service to wireless carriers and businesses. Features a preinstalled GFCI outlet, padlock provision for an optional lock and an optional GigE protector is also available. A convenient mounting bracket allows the cabinet to be installed to wood/metal utility poles or to flat surfaces.

WM Series indoor wall mount fiber distribution panels feature a separate key locking provider door which allows for secure termination of service drops. Panel sizes include 2, 4, 8, 12 adapter plate capacity options. They are PSC and MFM cassette ready for economical stocking and fast modular deployment, or available custom factory loaded with adapters, trays, pigtails and cable stubs.



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