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Since 1989, Terahertz Technologies Inc. has been a leading global solutions provider and USA manufacturer of advanced fiber optic test equipment. We specialize in low cost, high value network test equipment with all Terahertz Technologies Inc. branded products proudly made in our Upstate NY labs. Our growing team of dedicated engineers produce highly specialized fiber optics solutions tailored to our customers’ test and measurement needs. Our product range includes a full suite of DWDM and CWDM Channel Analyzers, OTDRs and Tunable Laser Sources. Our line also includes PON OTDRs, Power Meters, Loss Test Sets, and more. Our Global Solutions division also delivers globally-manufactured products that are stocked, supported and serviced at our labs in Upstate NY and provides an e-commerce portal to lease or purchase these outstanding values.



FTE7000A-DWDM OTDR is a Made-in-USA, Instant-On Tunable DWDM OTDR with up to 98 wavelengths. This OTDR enables complete end-to-end link troubleshooting and characterization through MUX/DEMUX of new or active DWDM-CWDM/DWDM hybrid networks. Great for mobile, telecommunications and cable operators. The FTE7000A also supports an IEC-61300-3-35 Video Inspection Scope and VFL.

FTE-8300-MultiWave OSA
The FTE8300-CWDM & DWDM Optical Spectrum Analyzer is a Made-in-USA, Instant-On rugged, affordable, easy to use, hand-held analyzer and is available in up to 18 CWDM channels and includes configurable C band DWDM analysis for in-band 1530/1550+-6nm, or all 98 DWDM C band channels. Configurations of up to 116 channels cover all your CWDM and DWDM mixed wavelength requirements.

FTE-8200-C OSA
The FTE-8200-C is a Made-in-USA, instant-On HiRes 6GHz Optical Spectrum Analyzer, it is one of the most rugged and affordable full featured Mini OSAs on the market. This C-band Hand-Held OSA is available in up to 98 channels with 100, 50 and HiRes 6GHz channel spacing. It is fast and offers high end features such as power tilt monitoring for DWDM channel equalization and 6GHz Line Graph HiRes Channel Drift analysis.

FTE-8100-C OSA
The FTE-8100-C Made in USA instant-On, redesigned HiRes, 6GHz like its sibling the FTE-8200 is a rugged, affordable and fast full featured OSA. However, this unit supports up to 12 hours of battery life with a bailed boot that includes a tethered stylus. The FTE8100 also supports an IEC-61300-3-35 Video Inspection Scope and VFL.

The FTE-8200-CWDM is a Made in USA instant-On CWDM Optical Channel Analyzer. It is rugged, affordable and easy to use. The standard CWDM handheld analyzer is available in up to 18 or 8 channels with 20 nm spacing.
The 18 channel analyzer tests 1271-1611nm and the 8 channel tests 1471-1611nm. The FTE-8200-CWDM analyzer is simple and fast to operate with its touch screen interface and twice a second scan.

FTE-6100-C TLS
The FTE-6100 Pro-Net is a Made-in-USA, instant-On Handheld Tunable Laser Source (TLS). It is available with up to 98 Channels in the “C” Band. It displays in wavelength, frequency or ITU channel. It is a great match with our Handheld OSAs for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of DWDM networks and includes a new “Fiber Identifier” modulation feature.

Advanced features in a small package: The FTE-7100-PON, Made-in-USA is an instant-on PON MICROTDR. It is the smallest full-featured color touchscreen PON OTDR on the market with splitter identification, up to a 32 way splitter schematic trace analysis. Available with 1625nm or 1650nm active wavelengths with Schematic, Event Table or Full Graph Landscape displays.

Advanced features in a small package: The FTE-7100, Made-in-USA, instant-on MICROTDR series is the smallest full-featured color touchscreen OTDR on the market. This unit includes all the features expected in today’s Handheld OTDR and more: bright color touch screen, Fib-R-Map schematic event analysis, Full Graph Landscape display, project management, file storage and pass/fail threshold settings.

FTE-5200/5101 ORL LTS / VIS
The FTE-5200 combines four functions for testing optical networks together in one unit. It brings together a 60dB ORL meter, power meter, laser source and VFL. The LTS may be purchased as a standard unidirectional or as a
fully bidirectional loss test set. Purchased as an FTE-5101 VIS it is an affordable Auto Center/Pass/Fail IEC-61300-3-35 Video Inspection Scope.

Global Solutions Line
Check out our line of low cost OTDRs and Fusion Splicers with our assurance of ready to go operation direct from stock in Upstate NY USA. We provide full support, sales and service which is conducted in our labs in the USA.
These OTDRs and Splicers are tested and pre-qualified before they are sent to the field and offered as a purchase or lease option on our e-commerce website.



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