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Based in Highland Heights, KY, Prysmian Group North America operates in the United States and Canada. In July 2018, the Group finalized the acquisition of General Cable resulting in combined operations that include 23 plants, 6 R&D centers, and 5,800+ employees. In 2018, Prysmian Group North America’s combined net sales totaled $4 billion. The Group is strongly positioned in high tech markets and offers the widest possible range of products, services, technologies, and know-how. A world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of wire and cable products, Prysmian Group North America’s business units include power distribution, specialty, telecoms, trade & installers, and energy projects.

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FlexRibbon - is designed with flexible ribbon technology that can be bundled and tightly packed into a cable for maximum capacity, while still retaining a flat ribbon sequential fiber alignment.

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MassLink Indoor/Outdoor Ribbon - Multi-tube ribbon cable for transitional aerial and duct applications.™-indooroutdoor

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FlexTube - Duct dielectric optical flexible tube cable.

Phone Number(859) 572-8000
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