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Preformed Line Products (PLP) is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality cable anchoring and control hardware and systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, and high-speed cross-connect devices. We deliver added value to our customers through our expertise and our unparalleled customer support. Our flexibility and global presence allow us to respond to customer’s needs quickly and with precision. This strategy allows us to help our customers to meet their business challenges head-on and achieve success.



COYOTE® HD Dome Closure – The COYOTE HD (High-Density) Dome Closure offers an alternative fiber organizer to support high-density splice applications within the same footprint as PLP’s existing 9.5″ x 28″ COYOTE Dome Closure.

COYOTE® STP – The COYOTE STP (Service Termination Point) is a small scale, cost-effective closure that provides an alternative to traditional network interface devices while offering much greater application flexibility.

COYOTE® DTC4 and DTC6 – The COYOTE DTC4 and DTC6 (Drop Termination Closure) offer a durable, compact solution with multiple internal fiber organizers to support your current and future needs.

COYOTE® LCC Coupler – The COYOTE LCC (Low Count Closure) Coupler is primarily designed to repair damaged aerial fiber-optic cables, especially where taut (no slack) applications occur.

COYOTE® GLC – The COYOTE GLC (Ground Level Closure) is the first truly hermetically sealed pedestal system and the only pedestal system with PLP’s patented segmented end plate design. GLC is the first design that doesn’t force you to work where it’s installed, and this unique design permits a high volume of uncut slack cable storage if needed.

FIBERLIGN® Aluminum Support for ADSS – The FIBERLIGN Aluminum Support (FAS) is designed to gently but firmly support All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable. The FAS features the following: Integrated bolt or band mount design, Hinged keeper and base, Single-bolt clamping, and Stackability for multi-cable installations.

FIBERLIGN® Lite Support for ADSS – The FIBERLIGN Lite Support (FLS) system is designed to gently but firmly support All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable. It is intended for tangent support installations on lines that feature low voltages, very short spans, and low mechanical loads.

FIBERLIGN® In-Span Storage System – The FIBERLIGN In-Span Storage (FIS) System is designed to make aerial slack cable storage faster and easier. During installation, the cable is clipped into the tabs, and the storage bracket is pulled into its final position at the back of the cable loop.

FIBERLIGN® In-Span Aluminum Storage System – The FIBERLIGN In-Span Aluminum (FISA) Storage System is designed to store slack ADSS and Lashed messenger cable. The conventional aluminum channel design covers a complete range of sizes, from small diameter cable applications through large diameter ribbon cable applications.

FIBERLIGN® CLAS (Center-Lock Aerial Slack) Storage – The FIBERLIGN Center-Lock Aerial Slack (CLAS) Storage System provides in-span storage for ADSS cables up to 1″ (25 mm) in diameter. It is designed to maximize ease of installation, accept a wide range of cable sizes, and allow for cable only or butt splice applications.




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