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PPC is the global leader in connective technology and optimization of broadband networks. From the central office to customer premises, we offer a full suite of products to telecommunications network operators. With a focus on innovative and next-gen technologies, PPC is positioned as a key provider of solutions for the fiber and wireless networks of today, and tomorrow.

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PPC's Miniflex® Fiber Cable offers a market-leading combination of toughness, flexibility, and size, making it uniquely suited for FTTx deployments. It reduces the need for specialized skill and resources and is ideal for coax-to-fiber network transitions and extensive FTTH network roll outs. The Miniflex range offers solutions designed for use in all parts of the optical network.


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PPC offers a full range of fiber enclosures and fiber management solutions that satisfy any type of customer need. The scalable, stackable FutureLink® line of enclosures offer customers a "pay-as-you-grow" products offering scalable solutions that can be easily added-to as customer demand increases. The OPTERNA® fiber management and fiber enclosure products are designed for pre-terminated applications as part of a plug-and-play solution for MDU, MTU, and FTTx applications.


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PPC's Fiber Optical Passives, Splitters, and Test Equipment comprise an advanced set of optical solutions to satisfy the need of operators of all types. With a broad range of multiplexers for use in the headend and in outside plant applications, PPC's product portfolio is perfect for use in FTTx, PON, and next generation HFC infrastructures. Optical Splitters are available to bolster cost-effective network builds and increase serviceable customer counts, as is optical test equipment to help ensure fiber networks are operating at optimal levels.


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