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Positron manufactures testers for energized insulators on high voltage transmission lines and on equipment in substations to prevent power outages, equipment damage and eliminate danger to personnel. Used for preventative maintenance and for safety to ensure safe conditions for personnel working in high voltage environments. Positron also provides high voltage isolation and protection products to protect communication equipment and personnel in substations and other high voltage facilities.



High Voltage Isolation

Positron develops and manufactures high voltage isolation products to protect telecommunications circuits entering substations, power generating plants, and any high voltage area that is susceptible to the effects of Ground Potential Rise (GPR). Positron is the market leader in providing high-quality, reliable fiber and copper-based isolation equipment that meets the highest industry standards. Positron is the only equipment vendor in the market to offer a complete line of copper (Teleline) and fiber-based (TeleLite) high-voltage isolation/protection solutions.

High Voltage Insulator Testers

Positron manufactures unique energized line insulator testers that enable utilities to maintain their high voltage transmission and distribution lines and substations and prevent power outages, fires, damage to equipment, and danger to personnel. They measure the electric field surrounding high voltage insulators. Any conductive defect causes a discontinuity in the electric field which is detected without the need for an electrical connection to the insulators or high voltage lines. Positron’s insulators testers are a reliable safe way to detect defects and do preventative maintenance. Used by power utilities around the world.




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