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Positron’s G.hn Gigabit Access Multiplexer (GAM) extends Gigabit services in buildings (MDU/MTU) in hours without the need for construction disruption to extend fiber at 25 % of the cost. This innovation earned Positron the honor of Highly Commendable Global Telecoms (GLOTEL) Award for Fixed Network Evolution in 2021. It enables an ROI of 4-5 months, reduced CAPEX and the fastest time to revenues. In service at 75 carriers, the GAM is a fully featured carrier grade product deployed indoors or outdoors that reuses the existing telephone pairs or coax. Serving carriers and ISPs for over 50 years.



GAM-M (MIMO): Addresses the key in-building challenge of carriers to extend fiber and fixed wireless services. Delivers managed Gigabit services to 820 feet over existing telephone pairs inside older buildings to subscribers at a fraction of the cost of any alternative. Scalable, fastest time to revenue.

GAM-C (COAX): Delivers managed Gigabit services to 2,625 feet to subscribers over existing coaxial cable inside buildings. Works with existing splitters (up to 16 per port), does not require amplifiers, provides symmetrical Gigabit. Significantly lower CAPEX and operating expense than DOCSIS.

GAM-MX (Outdoor MIMO): Hardened IP68 compliant. Available in 8 and 4 ports with reverse power feed (RPF), local and remote power versions. Can be used in daisy chains (up to 8 units) to transport Gigabit services backhaul using telephone pairs between units for townhouses, home clusters (SFU), and for RDOF.

GAM-CX (Outdoor COAX): Hardened IP68 compliant. Can backhaul virtually symmetrical Gigabit services to 2,625 feet on coax. Available in 8 and 4 port versions (up to 16 splitters per port) with reverse power feed or remote power.

BANDWIDTH REACH EXTENDER (BRX-XLR for ADSL2+): Next-generation performance and reach extender for long rural copper loops where fiber is not cost-effective. Doubles customer serving area, very flexible placement. Delivers 10:1 Mbps @ 17,000 feet. Available in Annex A and M versions.

BANDWIDTH REACH EXTENDER (BRX-VDSL2): Performance and reach extender (extends the reach of VDSL2 on telephone pairs by 2,300 feet). Flexible placement. Delivers 25:3 Mbps on one pair to 6500 feet and 50:8 Mbps on 2 pair to 6500 feet. Support for EU-64 which delivers 25:3 Mbps service on bonded pairs to 9,000 feet.




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