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The Plumett Hydraulic SuperJet has established itself as the industry’s consummate workhorse in the OSP for trunk and distribution lines, installing a wide range of medium to large cables (9mm-32mm/.35″-1.26″) in long-haul & city ring networks. SuperJet is especially effective with both dielectric and armored cables. SuperJet also features a self-adjusting cylinder for safely applying the proper grip force on the many various cable types to be installed by today’s technicians.


Hydraulic SUPERJET has established itself as the industry’s consummate workhorse for the OSP installation of trunk and distribution lines installing a wide range of medium and large cables up to 3456 Fiber. SUPERJET accepts ducts from 3/4″ ID up to 2.00″ I.D. Hydraulic Power Pack required.

PNEUMATIC SUPERJET offers the versatility of the Hydraulic SuperJet without the need for hydraulic support equipment making it the most portable large cable placing system on the market today. A high pressure air compressor supplies all of the energy necessary for fast safe installs of medium and large cables.

MINIJET is all pneumatic and arguably the most versatile placing system in today’s market for installing a large variety of cables from .62″/16mm diameter down to 4mm in diameter. Your choice for OSP and microcables. MINIJET may be upgraded to INTELLIJET status by adding the INTELLIBOX option.

INTELLIJET is the latest generation of CableJetting technology coupling the outstanding performance of MINIJET with INTELLIBOX. INTELLIJET allows for real-time installation monitoring of data allowing for the safest installations as well as recording of all data for documentation project quality assurance.

INTELLIBOX is the intelligent accessory to convert MINIJET or MICROJET into an intelligent data recording installation system. Data may be downloaded to a computer, storage device or printed for reporting purposes. Installation reports have now gone digital!

CABLEJET is the legacy of the PLUMETT jetting product line. This is the workhorse that started it all over two decades ago. CABLETJET is 100% pneumatic and uses two sets of drive rollers combined with high-speed air, and is still respected today as a premium placing system… lightweight, fast, efficient and extremely portable!

MICROJET systems are the natural extension of CABLEJET method of installing microcables in microducts in both the OSP and the Enterprise. All pneumatically driven, MicroJet incorporates a single motor and single drive wheel to power the unit.

INTELLI-MICROJET combines MICROJET with INTELLIBOX to monitor, supervise and record the performance data of the installation allowing for efficient and safer installations. In addition to monitoring the performance functions, the data is recorded to provide a complete report of the installation for download or printed reporting.

ULTIMAZ cable installation systems are lightweight, handheld portable devices for installing small microcables in microducts. Primarily used for campus environments and MDU’s, or the OSP where desirable. ULTIMAZ P2P and V20 systems are handheld and drill driven. The P2P is a pusher only and the V20 is air assisted.

ULTIMAZ E-SERIES are digital point-to-point devices for installing microcables in microducts with Intelligent technology. They are battery powered and require no tools to set-up and install cables directly from their portable carry case. E-SERIES is the latest in convenience, portability and digitization of cable installs.



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