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OFS is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fiber, fiber optic cable, connectivity, FTTx and specialty fiber optic products. We provide reliable, cost-effective fiber optic solutions that help our customers meet the needs of consumers and businesses today and into the future.



FITEL S124M12 Fusion Splicer delivers rapid splicing/heating with reliable and consistent results. Suitable for the use of hyper-scale ribbon cable and is an excellent choice for deployments such as Data Centers, Metro, Backbone and Long-Haul applications. Features include enhanced communication, ease of use, portability and field durability.

FITEL S179 Fusion Splicer is a powerful and user-friendly fusion splicing machine delivering rapid splicing and heating for consistent results. Suitable for use with ultra-bend insensitive and large area effective fibers. An excellent choice for deployments in data centers, Metro and FTTx.

AccuRoll® Dry Core (DC) Rollable Ribbon (RR) Cable features rollable ribbon technology. 250 μm fibers are partially bonded at intermittent points. The design enables mass fusion ribbon splicing and easier individual fiber breakout. They route similarly to individual fibers thereby facilitating use in smaller closures and splice trays.

With up to 3456 fibers in a single cable, AccuTube+ RR Cable offers exceptional carrying capacity for high-growth, high-bandwidth applications. Optimized to help users achieve easy and cost-effective mass fusion splicing, this ultra-high-density cable helps to simplify installation and save on labor costs.

OFS MiDia 200 Micro FX Cable helps meet the challenges of increasing demand for higher bandwidth and fiber capacity along the physical congestion in underground duct systems. These cables can help take metro networks to the next level with increased fiber density, enhanced performance and greater deployment cost savings.

OFS MiDia 200 Micro GX Cable was designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for higher fiber capacity in today’s congested, underground urban optical networks. This generation cabling solution can help take metro networks to the next level with increased fiber density, enhanced performance, and significantly greater cost-saving opportunities on deployment.

The OFS SlimBox® product line consists of a broad portfolio of enclosures and modules that can be integrated in a complete solution with OFS InvisiLight® Multifiber Cordage, EZ-Bend® and EZ-Peel® Ruggedized Cables and EZ-Bend M-Pack Indoor Outdoor Cables for MDUs or SFUs.

OFS InvisiLight® Optical Solution enables fast, easy-to-install and almost invisible fiber drop connections for ILU, MDU or FTTD services. OFS EZ-Bend® Optical Fiber enables bending around the many tight corners typically found inside building and rooms. These fibers surpass G.657.B3 standard with a 2.5 mm bend radius.

OFS EZ-Bend® Tonable Drop Assemblies can be stored in a compact bundle and routed from outside of the building to the inside. They may be pulled through duct or direct buried and can be easily located underground using the integrated copper toning wire. Attachment with staples create no bending issues.

OFS EZ-Bend® 3.0 Ruggedized Cables offer users expanded options for MDU, in-home wiring and aggressive, space-constrained routing environments. When a low profile and durability are needed, the 3.0 mm product is a solid choice. For more demanding deployments, the EZ-Bend 4.8 Ruggedized Cable is better suited.



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