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Michels is a leading energy and infrastructure contractor with the experience, people and over 14,000 pieces of equipment necessary to complete the most challenging projects. We are licensed, and have worked in all 50 states with more than 40 facilities located across North America. Our markets include Alternative Delivery, Communications, Construction Materials, Federal, Foundations, Gas Pipelines, Pipelines & Facilities, Power Delivery, Rail Work, Renewable Energy, Sewer & Water, and Transportation.



Michels is an industry leader in the construction of coaxial, underground distribution, underground transmission, civil construction, and fiber optic cable systems. We are 100-percent self-sufficient in planning, designing, installing, and delivering completed projects in residential, business, metropolitan and rural areas.

Michels is a full-service leader at planning, designing, installing, upgrading and delivering networks of all lengths. Our experienced crews build aerial and underground networks throughout the United States as well as internationally. Our extensive equipment fleet allows us to easily handle several large-scale projects.

Michels has decades of experience installing specialized low, medium and high voltage equipment similar to those required for BESS. Similar equipment Michels successfully installs include DVARs, D-STATCOMs, cap banks and other large padmount equipment requiring experienced craftspeople and cranes to place and connect.



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