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For 65+ years, service providers worldwide have been trusting Lindsay Broadband with their networks. Why? Because Lindsay’s end-to-end solutions are built to withstand nature’s extremes, maintain network reliability, and meet customer requirements. Lindsay understands the cable, wired, and wireless communications industries. Our engineering teams design cutting-edge solutions, and support legacy technologies/offerings to provide our customers with the exact solutions they need to keep them connected.

As a technology leader, Lindsay offers engineering, design assistance, customized solutions, and training to complement our portfolio of solutions. Lindsay’s RF, optical, powering, and business connectivity solutions connect today’s most discriminating operators with demanding end users around the world.

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Outside Plant Solutions.

Lindsay’s outside plant solutions come with over 65 years of proven reliability and superior performance, even under the most severe climatic conditions. This results in fewer service interruptions, less maintenance, fewer truck rolls and, therefore, better service at lower operating costs. Our strength is in the hardening of outside plant equipment such as line amplifiers, optical nodes, passives, multitaps, power supplies, Wi-Fi access points, DOCSIS PoE equipment, and LTE/4G/5G/CBRS connectivity products.

Rural Broadband Connectivity Solutions.

Rural communities need access to high-speed Internet. Remote learning and work from home are still playing a large part in our lives, and are expected to continue indefinitely for many. Lindsay’s OBI-free XTENDR HFC repeater is designed for easy extensions of existing HFC networks. The XTENDR provides a suitable migration path and cost-effective connection of customers in rural areas using fiber optics without overbuilding the coaxial footprint of the HFC plant. The XTENDR includes a forward optical transmitter with an optional optical amplifier providing high output power to convert downstream RF signals to optical, and reverse optical receivers to convert upstream optical signals to RF. Customers that previously could not be reached with the traditional HFC network can now be served by using the HFC repeater in combination with Lindsay’s LBON series of mini RFoG nodes (ONUs) at the customer premise.

MDU & CPE Solutions.

Lindsay’s in-home networking solutions are designed with the same high standards that apply to our outside plant solutions. The hardening of in-home networking equipment is extremely important for the reduction of service tickets and truck rolls, while increasing customer satisfaction. In-home networking solutions include subscriber and MoCA® amplifiers, RFoG ONUs, drop passives, point of entry filters, Wi-Fi® devices, optical termination enclosures, and customer premise uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Lindsay’s multi-dwelling unit (MDU) solutions include a range of amplifiers and optical nodes designed for advanced HFC network installations in apartment buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and similar facilities having high RF amplification requirements. Signals are distributed with advanced, hardened directional taps and multitaps and optical termination enclosures.

FTTx Solutions.

Lindsay can support many FTTx (Fiber to the x, FTTH, FTTP, FTTM, FTTB, etc.) solutions with engineering designs, technical support, and end-to-end product offerings including customized designs. Lindsay makes FTTx easy from the headend to the end user (residential, MDUs, commercial, etc.) Our customized FTTx modeling tool combines your input with our expertise to configure the solution that is right for your application. Lindsay also offers powerful standalone, compact UPS solutions for backup power in the customer premise, along with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor bundled UPS solutions for RF and optical MDU, NIU (network interface unit), and CPE applications.

Fiber Deep HFC Solutions.

Lindsay offers solutions for fiber deep HFC architecture. Our LB-1000 optical platform works in combination with our LBON4200 2×2 segmentable node to place fiber deeper into the system network. RF output from the optical node feeds the coax architecture, LB-MB-120A bridger amplifiers, and LBLE-100A line extenders through to Lindsay’s LExMT series of multitaps to give a complete end-to-end HFC architecture.

Network Standby & Non-Standby Powering Solutions.

Lindsay’s LEON (Lindsay Ever On Networks) offerings are industry-proven network powering solutions for cable TV and broadband outdoor powering. They are available in both quasi-square and sine wave formats, as well as standby uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and non-standby formats, for any plant application. Batteries include VRLA and LiFePO4. Lindsay offers a variety of options and accessories to provide a complete network powering solution to meet your specific requirements.

NIU / CPE UPS Systems.

Lindsay offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions for customer premise equipment (CPE) and network interface unit (NIU) equipment. These LEON (Lindsay Ever On Networks) solutions enable operators to maintain constant power, with zero transfer time, to critical network equipment in the event of a mains power failure. Custom versions are also available.

Small Cell Connectivity & Powering Solutions.

Lindsay Broadband – a leading manufacturer and global provider of specialized broadband transport products for the telecommunications industry – has the engineering knowledge and experience to design and build solutions to address the issues of power and backhaul for the small cell industry.

Private Mobile Networks Solutions.

Lindsay offers private mobile networks solutions – allowing organizations to create a customized network for secure, encrypted data transmissions. The private mobile network operates without interference that can be present in public wireless spectrums.

Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi 6 Solutions.

Wireless plant extension and hotspot services are just one truck roll away. A quick and easy connection at any power passing tap or coupler opens new revenue streams. Lindsay is working with TIP OpenWiFi and WBA OpenRoaming to provide offerings for these solutions.




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