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Laser Tech’s TruPulse laser rangefinders bring accuracy and efficiency to your workflow to create a powerful solution that can streamline your operation. Add our data collection apps to improve productivity in both the field and office by choosing the right amount of detailed data needed to complete a project. Whether your crew needs to measure encroaching vegetation, determine pole inventory, attachment heights or distances, or calculate span, sag, and tension values, laser offset mapping is a complete solution that equips users with precise, reliable, and repeatable measurements that are needed to perform any job function, while remaining in safe terrain.



MapSmart® has all the sophisticated mathematics and technology required to collect reliable, professional field data as easy as using a smartphone app. Run MapSmart on your Android device, use any LTI laser with wireless comm and import data into your CAD or GIS program including ArcGIS®.

The TruPoint™ 200h advances laser measurement technology in the field by combining pulse and phase technology. Produce survey-grade accuracy with phase laser technology, with on-board data storage and calculations. Capture highly accurate short-range measurements, indoors or outdoors with TruTargeting technology, ensuring the best accuracy and acquisition distance to any target.

The TruPulse® 360° R provides full azimuth, inclination and slope distance measurement, solving 3D calculations between two remote points. This rugged laser rangefinder also integrates with data collectors and GPS/GNSS antennas with wireless technology enabling a powerful and efficient solution for GIS data capture.



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