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Jameson is a leading supplier of tools and equipment for overhead and underground telecom cable installation and maintenance, professional tree trimming/line clearance products, and high-performance vehicle/equipment, portable work/task, expeditionary shelter, and wide-area lighting solutions.



Jameson Fiber Blowing Machines feature fast setup, safe operation, and efficient installation of inside plant/outside plant fiber optic cable. Jameson offers the most advanced and reliable fiber blowing machines on the market for FTTx, Access Network and Backbone installations.

Jameson Buddy Rodders set the industry standard for non-conductive fiberglass core duct rodders. Available 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ rod diameters offer a variety of flexibility for applications up to 1,500 ft. max. Marked in 5ft. increments for easy measurements, the high-visibility polymer jacket protects against abrasion and reduces friction.

Jameson introduced the industry’s first fiberglass poles designed specifically for telecommunication installers. Available in a variety of pole styles, head-attachments, and kit configurations; they provide telecom linemen with high-quality tools for overhead cable placement and line clearance applications.

Jameson J-Lift Hitch-Mounted Reel Lift allows one-person loading/unloading of cable reels quickly, safely, and easily. J-Lift mounts directly to vehicle body or hitch receiver adapter plate, eliminating need for a reel trailer. 1,000 lbs. lifting capacity easily handles reels of fiber, duct, etc. up to 40” wide x 48” diameter.

Insulated Hand Tools from Jameson provide maximum personal protection. Exceeding international standards IEC 60900 & ASTM F1505, every tool is 100% inspected – tested to 10,000 volts, rated to 1,000 volts. Virtually indestructible, they’re cut, abrasion, and cold-impact resistant. The toughest, longest-lasting and safest insulated hand tools on the market today.

Jameson Wiring/Splicing Tools feature cable splicer snips, knives, and installer kits approved by all major telecom companies. Precision ground blades provide consistent quality and performance, while cryogenic hardening delivers superior wear-resistance when working with fiber optic cable and copper wire.

Jameson Buddy Fish Tapes feature a non-conductive fiberglass core with protective polymer jacket. The round rod material provides exceptional flexibility and bend strength. It installs easily through tight bends in empty conduit and also glides past wires in occupied conduit runs.

Jameson Work Lights have been the industry standard for telecom companies for over 25 years. Available in standard fluorescent or high-intensity LED, Jameson Handi-Lights and Stubby-Lights feature flicker-free lighting in a compact shock-absorbing design for years of durable dependable on-the-job lighting performance.

Jameson Bucket & Boom Tool Holders and Canvas Tool Bags offer durable, safe, and convenient storage and organization for a variety of tools and equipment used on bucket trucks. Adjustable brackets allow tool holders to fit any size bucket with or without liner, and mount inside or outside the bucket.

Jameson Overhead Cable Placement Tools feature Corner Blocks & Brackets, Stringing Blocks, Layup & Measuring Sticks, and Cable Sheaves. Designed and developed with input from telecom linemen, Jameson focused on safety and ease-of-use for all of our overhead fiber optic and coaxial cable installation and maintenance tools.




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