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IQGeo provides award-winning geospatial software solutions to telecommunication and utility network operators from large multinationals to small regional providers. We work with these operators to meet their network transformation ambitions to deliver the latest fiber and 5G technology and modernize and decarbonize utility grids. The IQGeo and OSPInsight software suite achieve this by improving productivity and collaboration across planning, design, construction, maintenance, and sales processes while reducing costs and operational risks.

Our software easily integrates with a wide range of data sources to create and maintain a single accurate view of increasingly complex network assets that are easily accessible by anyone, anywhere. Whether using our enterprise IQGeo network design and management software, or our targeted OSPInsight fiber network documentation and design software, we enable a “System of Action” that accelerates processes, breaks down information silos and improves data quality.



Network Manager Telecom

IQGeo’s Network Manager is setting new speed and optimization industry benchmarks for network enterprise inventory design and management, empowering you to reimagine the role geospatial technology plays at your organization. IQGeo is a super-fast, agile alternative to complex and costly legacy GIS solutions.


The OSPInsight software provides a fully documented System of Record for fiber-focused network operators. Simple to configure and rapid to deploy, OSPInsight supports the planning, design, construction, and maintenance lifecycle. With 25 years of fiber expertise, we have hundreds of global customers operating commercial, municipal, and private fiber networks.

Network Revenue Optimizer

Empower your organization to automate and optimize the high-volume Request for Quote (RFQ) process. Network Revenue Optimizer automatically produces several alternate fiber network construction routes when connecting commercial or residential premises. Route scenarios include cost estimates, revenue potential, and ROI; enabling you to compare projected route revenues in minutes.

Workflow Manager

IQGeo’s Workflow Manager helps control telecom construction and maintenance activities from end-to-end, keeping teams informed of project, trouble, and maintenance ticket status. It gives all stakeholders the geospatial context and current operational information they need to improve process productivity and customer satisfaction while enhancing team collaboration and reducing risk.



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