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IQGeo’s end-to-end geospatial software improves productivity and collaboration across enterprise planning, design, construction, maintenance and sales processes for telecoms and utility network operators. Our mobile-first enterprise solutions create and maintain, an accurate view of complex network assets that is easily accessible by anyone, wherever and whenever needed.

Specialized applications combined with our open IQGeo Platform help network operators create a single source of network truth to meet digital transformation ambitions and operational KPIs. Our award-winning, cloud native solutions save time and money, and improve safety and productivity, while enhancing customer satisfaction.



IQGeo Platform

The foundation for IQGeo’s award-winning software solutions transforms the ability of network operators to design and manage their complex and constantly evolving network assets, easily accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Network Manager for telecoms

Empowers you to reimagine the role geospatial technology plays at your organization by accelerating productivity and collaboration. Built from the ground up for telecom networks, it replaces complex, centralized, legacy GIS with a flexible, open approach that is simple to deploy and cost-effective to operate.

Network Revenue Optimizer

Respond to connection opportunities in seconds, while helping to ensure profitable projects and maximizing the revenue potential of new connection infrastructure.

Workflow Manager

Provide critical project and ticket information on mobile devices and back-office workstations, giving stakeholders the geospatial context they need to improve process productivity and enhance collaboration.



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