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Accelerate your network rollout from start to finish! IMMCO’s engineering services and iBISS® field automation technology cuts the costs of deploying fiber and wireless networks.

IMMCO is an integrated solutions provider that has been delivering engineering, geospatial, and software services to leading companies in the broadband and telecommunications industries for over 25 years.

Our headquarters are located in Atlanta (Alpharetta), Georgia with offices in India and Australia. We are staffed with network design engineers, software engineers, and GIS specialists.

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Wireline Network Design Services

Be it Fiber, HFC, Copper or Coax networks, IMMCO has a team of 500 designers who are proficient in all major design platforms (Bentley, AutoCAD, SmallWorld, MapInfo, QGIS, and more), with a client base of major cable and telecom companies worldwide (US, UK, Ireland, Australia).

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Designing Fiber and Copper Networks across Australia:

Data & GIS Services

Make sure you start network projects the right way with accurate, digitized land maps. Along with ensuring geospatially accurate data, IMMCO’s GIS engineers have decades of experience in address verification, geocoding, network area planning, network data digitizing and as-built updates.

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GIS Services in Action:

iBISS® – Real-Time Network Collaboration Software (Field and Construction Teams)

With real-time updates that connect designers in the office to construction workers in the field, avoid the common missteps that lead to project delays. iBISS® helps all stakeholders including network designers, site engineers, project managers, and executives, with clean update bubbles and crisp dashboards for reporting.

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Enabling Smart Cities in the US:



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