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1150 Northmeadow Parkway, Suite 110
Roswell, GA 30076
United States



GS Yuasa Energy Solutions, Inc. (GYES) is an American subsidiary of the 100-year old GS Yuasa Corporation (GYC), the world’s second largest battery company. GYES focuses on the energy storage and reserve power markets. GYES’s advanced technologies provides successes in the telecom, UPS, alarm & security, and energy storage markets.



GS Yuasa Energy Solutions’ PWL telecom batteries, built with HT Element X Alloy, are designed to exceed industry standards. Proven in real world field trials, they provide the most cost-effective battery solutions available in the market today. Available in front and top terminal designs to fit a wide range of applications.

Proven in the real world, the PXL Series of telecom batteries provide security and long life in extreme climates where other VRLA batteries just don’t survive. The PXL technology utilizes proprietary lead alloys and active material additives. The PXL Series is the most cost-effective battery solution for your network.

The newest offering by GS Yuasa Energy Solutions, the SWU Series are the #1 UPS batteries in Europe with 70-75% of that market. Now available in the USA, the utilize proprietary technology, HT Element X Alloy and active material additives. These features provide the longest lasting batteries for your UPS applications.



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