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Fibertek, Inc. is America’s oldest industrial tape manufacturer (since 1898). For over four decades, Fibertek, Inc. has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of Pulling, Locating, and Measuring Tapes for the Electrical Construction, Telecommunications and Power Utilities industries. Fibertek PULLTAPE™ & TRACERTAPE™ products are offered in tensile strengths up to 6,000 lbs., can be supplied printed or unprinted, and is available in various reel lengths up to 100,000 feet. Standard industry tensile strengths and reels lengths are available. PLUS – Fibertek PULLTAPE™ & TRACERTAPE™ products can be supplied on non-standard reel lengths to fit special length pulling requirements.

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Fibertek Polyester Fiber PULLTAPE™ is a flat, woven polyester tape used for pulling a variety of cable types through underground conduit. It is produced using high tensile, high tenacity, low shrink polyester fibers that distributes heat across a wide, flat profile. This is the most competitively priced high tensile strength pull tape. This product is available in tensile strengths up to 6,000 lb. and supplied with a silicone lubricant, which is compatible with the lubricant used in the manufacture of innerduct, and greatly reduces the possibility of burn-through. Tapes are also available with printed sequential footage markings for accurate measurements, or can be supplied unprinted. Reel lengths are available up to 100,000 feet on some tensile strengths.
Fibertek Polyester Fiber PullTapes have not been found to experience any breakdown of fibers which would result in a loss of tensile strength while in water. PullTapes have even been used in applications where the material was left inside underground conduit for several years prior to pulling with the material.
This material is also used to produce our Woven Polyester TRACERTAPE™ (detectable) products, which are designed for use where a detectable pulling product is preferable or required.

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