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EnerSys® is the only company focused on the entire power ecosystem, using power and energy storage systems to create solutions dedicated to powering the modern network, lowering energy and labor costs while maintaining the world-class network reliability we’ve come to depend on. EnerSys has the expertise to help you manage your project. AC/DC power systems, outdoor cabinets, batteries and remote line power (RLP) systems are all part of our toolbox. Plus, our services teams provide site engineering, installation and commissioning, preventative maintenance – a full suite of services to help meet your deadlines.



PowerSafe V-FT batteries have long been recognized worldwide as a premium solution. Thanks to proprietary TPPL technology, PowerSafe V-FT batteries deliver superior performance while occupying less space than conventional standby power batteries. A range of compact, energy-dense designs are available for 19″ and 23″ racking.

Flexsure® outdoor enclosures provide secure, thermally-controlled environments for virtually any equipment and power deployment configuration. Featuring pre-engineered interchangeable components, Flexsure outdoor enclosures enable outside plant support solutions for DSL, broadband loop carrier, digital loop carrier, line power, Wi-Fi, and wireless backhaul applications such as 3G, 4G, LTE and Node B.

The Cellect 2500 Power System is a flexible, lightweight, pole-mounted all-in-one system for powering both 4G and 5G small cells. It offers ultimate flexibility with 10 each AC and DC customer load connections. Cellect minimizes pole space and attachment costs with an integrated 100A service entrance rated AC main breaker and load center.



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