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EMKA manufactures locking system hardware to hinge, latch, seal, and electronically secure panel doors of all sizes. Our hardware is available in various material types, installation options, and can be customized to meet the cabinet makers requirements. Vandal resistant and vibration proof swinghandles, UL rated gaskets, hygiene tested latches, and various IP achievable hardware can cut time significantly during testing, allowing you to more quickly move on to your next big project.

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EMKA’s line of outdoor rated swinghandles are the answer to the harsh elements all year round. The Protector series are IP65 rated, shock and vibration proof, and certified to WK2, resistance class 2, and protection against vandalism. Customers will benefit from the improved design, operation, and feel, also taking advantage of the production technology to reduce weight, closer tolerances, and the utmost performance, and reliability.


Company Websitewww.emkausa.com
Phone Number717-986-1111
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