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EMKA manufactures locking system hardware to hinge, latch, seal, and electronically secure panel doors of all sizes. Our hardware is available in various material types for both indoor and outdoor applications, choice of installation options, and can be customized to meet the cabinet makers requirements. In addition, EMKA’s gaskets can meet many industry standards, such as UL50, VO, NFPA, and etc., and the outdoor rated locking solutions, latches, hinges, and various IP achievable hardware can significantly reduce testing time, allowing you to focus on your next big project.



1317 Outdoor Rated Swinghandle is RC2 for protection against vandalism, shock and vibration proof, and IP65. Customer’s wanting to control access in real-time, remotely monitor, and attain an audit trail will want to look at EMKA’s electronic version. Similar outdoor properties but locks via a keypad and/or RFID Card Reader.

Sealings, Gaskets, and Trims are available in various shapes and compounds such as EPDM, NBR, Silicone, and PVC. EMKA’s selection of edge protection, self clamping bulbs and flaps, and window profiles can meet many industry standards – FDA, VO, UL 50, NFPA, VDI 6022, Smoke and Flame, and Fire Rated gaskets.


  • Prominent and Flush Doors
  • Surface Mounted and Concealed Hinges
  • Lift-off, Friction, Pin, and Spring Loaded
  • SS 303, 304, 316, Zinc, Chrome, Black, Plastic

EKMA Engineers are available to assist in choosing the correct hinge for your application.

Concealed locking solutions
EMKA’s Single point latch operates via an electrical pulse. It is mounted on the inside of a panel door making it invisible from the outside. To mitigate theft, a concealed hinge is used in conjunction with the single point latch. To an outsider, the panel door is simply a panel and not accessible.

Vulcanized Gasket Frames and Rings are an ideal solution to attain a better seal, increase production, and minimize assembly errors. EMKA can cut-to-length many gasket profiles and vulcanize into a frame or a ring. This is an in-house capability for which we can offer next day samples and shorter lead times.

EMKA offers a complete locking solution for cabinets of all sizes. We’ve been perfecting our trade for 88 years to supply customers with Swinghandles, Hinges, Gaskets, Locks, Multi-point locking, and Access Control Solutions. There is no need to look anywhere else!

EMKA’s portfolio contains over 15,000 quarter turn combinations meeting UL FTTA2/FTTA8. We are your partner when choosing the right hardware for your control cabinets. EMKA has IP rated and UL rated hardware to protect your cabinet against dust, water, and/or fire.

Multipoint locking solutions are offered in various materials, lengths, rod types of flat or round, and swinghandles. By answering a few questions and providing us a drawing, EMKA Engineers can design a complete solution from the available swinghandles, the number of rods and length, catches, and guides.

EMKA’s product line can be seen inside railroads, data centers, hvac, food and restaurant, kiosk, and even your local Home Depot store. Hygiene rated hardware for the food, restaurant, and medical facilities. Safety rated and vibration proof latches for railroads and hvac, and outdoor rated hardware for the outdoor telecom. Check out our main catalog and call if you have any questions.

EMKA products begin at the design stage and is then produced at one of our ten production sites. We use state of the art machinery for zinc-die casting, plastic injection molding, profile extrusion, SS investment casting, sealing foam technology, and more. After production, EMKA will assemble and prepare for shipment.




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