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Each day our lives depend on clear, consistent, reliable communication and Dura-Line creates what connects us for ISP and OSP. Dura-Line’s products are designed to provide protection and fast, safe installation of communication networks, and power cables for a wide variety of markets, including telecommunications, enterprise, energy, and transportation. As an ISO-9001 and TL 9000 rated manufacturer, Dura-Line is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of conduit, cable-in-conduit, and accessories. Several advanced manufacturing techniques set us apart including our low-friction, permanently lubricated lining called SILICORE™ and our FuturePath MicroTechnology. Our state-of-the-art, high-quality, mission-critical products are made in the U.S.



Multi-celled conduit with 2 to 24 pathways, ideal for jetting MicroCable in OSP environments. Multiple pathways for one installation cost provides flexibility in network design and empty pathways for future growth. Expand the capacity of your network as needed. Installs with standard industry construction techniques, the same as standard conduit.

FuturePath Flex
A thin, flat design for installation in narrow slits, saw cuts, or MicroTrenching applications. Can be placed vertically, horizontally, or rolled into a round shape due to its unique construction. Multiple MicroDucts are joined by a thin webbing that can easily be separated for routing of individual ducts.

FuturePath Figure-8 Aerial
For installations requiring an aerial solution, FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support offers 2 to 7 MicroDuct pathways for efficient fiber placement. Constructed with factory bundled MicroDucts, an oversheath with designed for maximum UV protection, and incorporates and Extra High Strength Galvanized Steel Strand for easy aerial placement.

FuturePath Hybrid
A highly popular configuration that combines common standard conduit sizes with MicroDucts for placing larger standard fiber cable today and pathways for MicroCables to accommodate future network expansion. Highly customizable product that can be designed to meet specific network design needs.

MicroDucts HDPE
Small conduits, ranging from 5 mm to 27 mm in outer diameter, that provide a pathway for a MicroFiber cable, that can deliver up to 432 count fiber. Revitalize an existing network by adding MicroDucts by “over riding” an existing cable, instantly increasing capacity without new construction.

MicroDuct PiggyBack
Have dual needs of coax and fiber? Bundled under an oversheath, Piggy Back combines a MicroDuct and RG6 cable. The coax can be used for powering a low voltage alarm system or other low voltage signal needs like a camera or door lock controls.

MicroDuct Riser
Great for MDU applications, Riser MicroDucts are made from fire retardant materials approved by the American ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) for Riser applications per UL-2024 and UL-94-V2. Preinstalled Pull String is available for quick fiber installations. A SILICORE lining makes cable installation even easier without using wet lubes inside buildings.

PinPoint® is a proven, reliable method for locating buried duct. The PinPoint® wire is encased in HDPE providing a corrosion resistant conductor. Ideal for plow, open trench or directional bores. It is extremely functional at a wide range of frequencies, compatible with industry standard locating equipment.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen
LSZH conduit, pioneered by Dura-Line, are verified to UL1685-4 and IEC 60754-1, exhibit excellent properties such as low flame propagation, low smoke generation, zero halogen emissions, and excellent low temperature mechanical properties. Designed for use in applications where smoke, toxic fumes, and acidic gas pose a health risk and possible damage to electronic equipment.

Figure-8 Aerial
Standard Figure-8 aerial conduit is designed with an Extra High Strength (EHS) flooded galvanized support strand for one-step aerial placement. The conduit is manufactured with carbon black and antioxidants for maximum UV protection. Figure-8 can be installed with standard aerial installation practices.



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