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Building the future of Broadband. CHR Solutions specializes in products and services that enable better broadband.

We specialize in B/OSS Business Software solutions, Broadband Engineering services (including outside plant and network design), and Managed IT and NOC services that address the operational and marketplace challenges faced by today’s Broadband providers. Our approach ensures our clients improve operations and grow revenue. Our legacy was built by providing comprehensive services to design, build and operate a network.

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For the 6th year in a row, CHR Engineering was named in the Top 100 Fiber-to-the-Home Innovators. Our one-of-a-kind approach to how we leverage geospatial data allows our Engineering experts to identify and implement broadband solutions that meet your technical needs, timelines, and financial requirements.

This includes:

  • Broadband Viability & Feasibility Studies
  • Network Planning & Design for Fiber, Wireless or Hybrid
  • Outside Plant Design Engineering
  • GIS/CAD Services
  • Loan & Grant Application Assistance
  • Construction Plans, Specs, & Management

Our integrated software suite, Omnia360, provides operational efficiencies that promote an enhanced customer experience and increased revenue.

This includes:

  • Business Analytics
  • Centralized Customer Management
  • Dynamic Product Catalog
  • Order Capture & Management
  • Network & Facilities Management
  • Financials
  • and more

As a Managed IT Services provider, we have the resources and experience you can depend on to enhance performance, improve operational efficiencies, and manage risk.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Network Monitoring (NOC)
  • CyberSecurity Solutions
  • Patch Management
  • Application & Software Support
  • and more




Construction Services
Contractors: Field Service
Contractors: Inside Plant
Contractors: Outside Plant
Data Driven Solutions/Services
Drafting Equipment/Services
Engineering/Design Firms
ROW (Right-of-Way) Services
Rural Network Solutions
Testing/Inspection/Repair Services
Wireless & Wireline Integration Solutions
Disaster Preparation & Recovery
Network Management Solutions/Reliability Tools

I&M/Network Reliability/Cybersecurity


Asset Management Software & Services
Broadband DSL Technology/Services
Broadband Networks
Facilities Management/GIS
Facilities Management/Mapping Software & Services
Subject Matter Experts



Cloud Solutions
Network Management
Microwave Systems/Design
Wireline Integration/Hybrid Architectures


Asset Management
GIS Software
Network Planning Solutions
One Touch Make Ready Solutions
RDOF Solutions

Network Transformation/Simplification

Architectural Modeling
Virtualization Technologies/Solutions


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