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Charles Industries, LLC supplies a comprehensive line of Innovative Enclosed Solutions™ for fiber distribution at the customer premises, business, cell tower or other network edge location. Environmental enclosures include buried distribution pedestals and hubs, equipment and power cabinets, handholes, aerial splice closures, demarcation terminals, NID, rackmount fiber shelves, and multi-purpose housings.



Charles Industries’ Optical Hub Cabinets (OHC) provide fiber distribution to subscribers from a compact, environmentally protected outdoor terminal. The OHC series supports fusion, pre-terminated and field terminated feed and drop fibers. These PON terminals have space for multiple splitters for incremental growth and may be pad, pole or wall mounted.

Charles Industries’ Fiber Optic Sealed Drop Closures (FSDC) are fully-sealed units which can be strand, pole or pedestal mounted; or placed in below ground vaults. In addition to an express main feed cable, the closure can accommodate up to two branch cables and have built-in adapters to support up to 16 drop cables.

Charles Industries’ Multi-Purpose Housings (CMPH) are versatile OSP closures designed for storing fiber or copper splicing and slack cable. These large volume, non-metallic housings feature a one piece lift-off dome and internal metal brackets to support sealed fiber closures or ladder bars for high-count copper splices Five sizes are available.



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