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3500 AM Drive
Quakertown, PA 18951
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Celerity designs, builds, services, and maintains fiber optic and wireless infrastructure.

We proudly serve telecommunications companies, electric utility companies, education, and healthcare organizations using the most efficient network technology available, through all phases of pre-planning, construction, splicing, testing, and close-out documentation.

Well Planned. Well Crafted. Well Done.



Fiber Optic Engineering and Project Management.

From hand drawn redlines, to full blown CAD drawings, to complete electronic database closeout packages, Celerity can handle the most stringent requirements.

Engineering Services include:

Aerial and Underground Feasibility Studies
Fiber Route Design
Fiber Route Relocation Design
FTTx Design
Field Surveys
Utility Pole Attachment Permitting
Roadway Aerial to Underground Conversion Design
Directional Bore Design
Manhole and Handhole Design
Telecom Duct Bank Design
Trench Design
Cable and Duct Route Staking
AutoCAD Print
Fiber Splice Location Design
Fiber Splice Schematics
PE Stamped Drawings
GIS Mapping & Network Management Software Services

Fiber Optic Aerial and Underground Construction.

We provide our technicians with the proper equipment to install and follow through with proper job documentation for all Aerial and Underground construction services.

Aerial Construction services include:

Strand & Lash Cable
Make Ready Construction
One-touch Make Ready
Pole Transfers
FTTx Construction
Aerial Conduit
Emergency Restoration
Underground Construction services include:
Manhole and Handhole Placement
Conduit and Innerduct Placement
Directional Drilling
Conduit Proofing and Verification
Rod & Rope
Cable Pulling
FTTx Construction
UG Relocation
Emergency Restoration

Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing.

Fiber optic splicing and testing is Celerity’s hallmark service and the initial service offering upon which Celerity was founded nearly 20 years ago.

Fiber Services include:

Pre-installation Reel Testing
Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing
Ribbon Splicing
OPGW and ADSS Splicing
Fiber Optic Termination
OTDR and Light Source / Power Meter Testing
Fiber Optic Characterization
Fiber Audits
Troubleshooting & Documentation
Emergency Restoration



Construction Services
Contractors: EF&I
Contractors: Field Service
Contractors: Inside Plant
Contractors: Outside Plant
Contractors: Wireless/Cell Site
Repair and Restoration Services
Testing/Inspection/Repair Services


Cable Analysis & Testing


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