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Arium Stream LLC is the designer, developer, and distributor of dBm Planner, an all-in-one software suite for Mobile Backhaul engineering.

Our key objective is to provide software and services to the wireless industry, for easy, accurate, and costless design of high capacity transport networks (i.e. 4G/5G/6G Cellular Systems). Arium Stream LLC is a registered company located in the Dallas area, Texas, United States.



dBm Planner is a software suite consisting of modules and functions for the design of high capacity backhauls or cellular transport networks composed of Microwave links, Lit buildings, and Fiber-optic Point of Presence.

dBm Planner 3D Map helps accurately perform on desktop, Line-Of-Sight (LOS) assessment of microwave links. It is an extension of Arium Stream’s mobile backhaul planning software.

However, dBm Planner 3D Map can also be used confidently to verify LOS of microwave links designed with any 3rd-party software. It is free and based on Microsoft 3D Map imagery of Windows 10.



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