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Since 2006, 3-GIS has empowered companies to achieve better operating efficiencies and to meet the challenges of building increasingly complex fiber networks. 3-GIS uses a data-driven approach based on geospatial reference, rules-based calculations, mobility, and web-based services to realize market opportunities of fiber assets. Our fully-configurable solutions allow users to plan, design, and manage networks; provide real-time data used enterprise-wide; and enable automation for faster service activation, in one seamless system. With development, design services, product support, and operational staff in five countries.

In 2020, 3-GIS was acquired by SSP Innovations, further strengthening 3-GIS as the market leader in fiber network management.



From planning to managing your physical network, 3-GIS applications keep data accurate and complete for activation, assurance, and inventory management.

3-GIS solutions enable you to deploy fiber faster, sell more services, assure service levels, target the highest revenue opportunities, overall decreasing your total cost of ownership and providing end-to-end value.


3-GIS | Web is a web-based fiber network management application that combines full-editing GIS, constructible work packets, strand-level asset status, and browser access in one system.

Its architecture connects designers, field crew, project management staff, and other stakeholders across an enterprise, and delivers value at every stage in the life of the network.


3-GIS | Mobile is the field application for keeping system records accurate and providing real-time network information.

It allows field users to view, edit, and create features, update work orders, and conduct inspections, all from their mobile device with or without internet access.


3-GIS | Prospector brings the speed of an architectural engine to network planning.

Prospector looks across user-defined variables such as existing infrastructure, regulations, geographic barriers, and construction costs, then prescribes least-cost routes, expediting the planning workflow to get more fiber in the ground faster.


3-GIS | Network Express applies the power of industry-leading design automation to increase project velocity.

Work with our in-house experts to create project-based rulesets to give your engineers the tools needed to produce high-level designs in minutes, compare design variations, and assess deployment costs.


3-GIS | Engineering Services (ES) brings a team of fiber network engineers, outside plant (OSP) engineers, project managers, GIS and database experts, and world-class software developers to solve our customers’ business needs for expertise, speed, and efficiency to deliver and win new projects.


3-GIS Managed Services | The demand for fiber can strain resources needed to manage the network after build.

Let your team focus on getting fiber in the ground and turning up services faster while our managed services team maintains system administration, as-built design updates, connectivity updates and other support needed on the back end.


3-GIS Data Services | Our data conversion team can move all your existing copper and fiber network data into a single database.

Our services allow you to easily gain the full functionality and power of 3-GIS solutions and the advantage of having all design, construction, and operational network data in a single GIS database.


3-GIS consulting services provide you with professional advice and feedback to make sure your fiber projects start off on the right foot and stay that way.

Let our team of experts guide you through budgeting and forecasting, network architecture, system and process workflow, project management and more.




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